Key things to keep in mind regarding going for Weight Loss Diets

Low carb state is not the normal state of our body and the whole diet process should be balanced and stabilized with proper nutrients to avoid the state of carb deficiency in our body.

Low carb diets are super effective and are highly recommended to individuals who are suffering from systemic diseases and hence looking to lose few pounds. Some of those conditions include-
a.    Diabetes (type 1 & 2).
b.    Obesity.
c.    PCOS
d.    Few neurological diseases.

Ketogenic or low carb diets are not all suitable for all and in some cases, they are extremely unsuitable. Hence, it is highly advised to consult a dietician   before embarking on low card diets.

The results & effects of low carb diet varies from individual to individual and highly depends on an individual’s nature of metabolism and other related factors.

Low carb diets tend to restrict the daily amount of carbs/carbohydrate intake of our body by modifying the foods that we eat and with the help of few lifestyle modifications which usually helps an individual to get rid of the extra and unnecessary body carbohydrates. Low carb diet was first introduced by renowned cardiologist from Mayo Clinic Dr. Robert Atkins in his book Dr. Atkins’ new diet revolution in the year 1972. Though earlier, low carb diets were used for the treatment of certain chronic ailments, but it was Dr. Atkins who popularized the diet concept among the masses as well as among the care providers in the 70’s. Now let us take a quick glance on the advantages/pros & disadvantages/cons of low carb diets.

-    Low carb diets tend to exclude some of the tasty and popular foods like sweets, bread, pasta, sugar, etc. and encourages to increase the intake of proteins instead. This provides a certain benefit in the form of suppressing an individuals’ hunger. Because, proteins have the tendency to fill the stomach for a longer period, hence reducing the need to eat frequently.
-    Low carb diets make an individual more energetic and active.
-    Low carb diets help to increase muscle tissue and adipose tissue ratio meaning promotes more muscle growth in the body which automatically reduces the amount of body fat resulting in effective weight loss from our body.

-    But, there is also a word of caution here. One should very carefully pick up and eat a variety of mainly protein rich food toavoid nutrient deficiency.

Now, let us have a look in to few cons of low carb diet.
-    First, with many imposed restrictions on an array of food products, few days into the low carb diet, an individual’s usually start feeling void and grew impatient of his/her restrictions and tend to consume more carbs & fats which result in considerable amount of weight gain.
-    Following low carb diets too strictly can lead to a condition, commonly termed as Ketosis. In simple words, low carb diets use the stored carbs in our body the fuel for fat loss while restricted the fresh carbs intake. Now, if one does not replace the carbs with other nutrients in the body, then soon enough they get depleted of all the necessary fuel required for burning the calories and leave an individual weak and nutrient deficient.
-    Low carb diet also puts a ban on fruits which in the long could pose a risk to one’s health.
-    Low carb diet can also disrupt the balance among the residing bacteria in our body leading to the development of certain diseases and conditions in our body.
-    It may also sometime effect the blood lipid balance, insulin synthesis in our body. So, it is very essential to analyze one’s body system and condition before starting the diet to achieve optimum weight loss results.

Additionally, low carb diets have often been the target of criticism. It has been primarily criticized for draining the retained water from our body for weight loss resulting in the dehydration condition in an individual’s body. Also, it has been found that, observing prolonged low carb diet can give rise to deficiency of micronutrients, vitamins, glucose availability in our body and rarely can also make our body starch/fat resistant which in the long run could prove very hazardous for our health.

But, amidst many cons, low carb diet has also proved its mettle in weight loss process and it also comes with certain health benefits one of them includes- maintenance of health blood pressure & it also helps in keeping the BP in check, for those who suffer from high blood pressure. All that said, it is to be strictly kept in mind that , like any other weight loss diet plan, a low carb diet best works and works wonder if effectively combined with the correct amount of physical exercises/workouts. is a platform that attempts to bridge a huge gap in the care of people suffering from chronic pain or addiction disorder. iACHE is a platform solution for the coordination of care in pain management and addiction disorders. These two conditions require long term and coordinated care that currently does not exist.


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